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Wire & Metal Art

Posted on: December 3rd, 2012 by lorelyn
wire art bald eagle

This sculpture is life size, with a 7.5 foot wingspan.
It is made to mount on any post or gate.
Bald Eagle Wire Sculpture $2400.00  

Barbed Wire RoosterKauai Rooster Wire Sculpture $200.00 

Great horned owl metal sculpture imageGreat horned owl metal sculpture $85.00  

Great blue heron wire sculpture imageGreat Blue Heron wire sculpture $225.00  

canadian geese wire sculpture imageWire Canadian goose sculpture $150.00  

mule deer wire sculpture imageWire life size mule deer sculpture $1350.00  

Duck in flight wire sculpture imageWire duck sculpture $225.00  

Jumping salmon wire sculpture imageWire salmon sculpture $150.00  

Flying pheasant wire sculpture imageWire pheasant sculpture $285.00  

Wire mountain lion sculpture $1350.00  

Cattle skull wire sculpture imageWire bison skull sculpture $125.00  

Dragon Fly garden sculpture $130.00 

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