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Pika & Mt Blackmore Hike

Liz, Sara and I attempted to hike Mt. Blackmore this past Sunday.  We got in a few miles but had to turn back because of the snowpack still on the trail.  Saw a black bear driving up to the trailhead and I also got a few photos of a Pica.  Nice Hike!MtBlackmoreHikePikaPainting

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Quick trip to the Missouri Breaks

Sara and I made a quick trip to the Missouri Breaks Friday night to look for the match to the big 7 point I found a couple weeks ago. Didn’t find the match but we put in a good effort and found 4 nice elk antlers, the good dog chew type (last years) and one deer antler.  Very nice night for camping out and a good couple hikes!  antler:sarabreakssunrisecamp

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Barbed Wire Sunflower

Here’s a barbed wire sunflower I did a couple weeks ago.  This was my daughter Sara’s idea, she wanted one for a wedding shower gift.  I really  liked the way it came out so I made a bunch more, most of which have already been “gifted” or sold.  This one is about 30″ tall and I hope to have a variety of sizes for the summer.  SunflowerPS

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Donated Kauai Roosters

Wire  Art Kauai Rooster


This past month I’ve created three wire art sculptures of Kauai Roosters, all to donate!  One went into the silent auction for the annual  Gallatin Chapter of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation banquet, another to the Bitterroot Chapter of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation silent auction, and the third to be auctioned at the annual banquet for the Yellowstone Valley Chapter of Pheasants Forever.

Great organizations I’m proud to support!