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Quick trip to the Missouri Breaks

Sara and I made a quick trip to the Missouri Breaks Friday night to look for the match to the big 7 point I found a couple weeks ago. Didn’t find the match but we put in a good effort and found 4 nice elk antlers, the good dog chew type (last years) and one deer antler.  Very nice night for camping out and a good couple hikes!  antler:sarabreakssunrisecamp

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My first blog post!

My 1st blog…Here’s a photo of myself with a couple large antlers I found last spring.  The top photo is the way the antler was laying in the woods.  Only a couple months and the elk will be shedding again, I can’t wait.  I’m working on a video I shot that day also.  Lots of projects in the works so I hope to keep my website updated on a weekly basis.  Found a whitetail shed antler driving home from work yesterday…nothing big but still fun to find!  Later,  Bryan